My Pain is Gone!

I was just coming out of a tour in Iraq with the Army. My back never recovered from an Army school I attended before deployment that required me to carry 70-90 pounds on my back for the better part of 20 hours a day for 3 weeks. It eventually affected my sciatic nerve to the point where I had to be carried into the doctor’s office after falling out of my truck in pain.

My back was locked up and just laying down flat caused excruciating pain. To make matters worse, my chiropractor at the time was no longer taking my insurance. I had to quickly find another chiropractor and chose Dr. Herman due to the close proximity to my house. I would soon learn that it was dumb luck that I found such a great doctor to get me back to normal.

Prior to treatment I tried to remain active (getting into a gym as often as possible) and stretch as best as I could. However, my back only got worse week after week until it locked up on me one day. I saw my previous chiropractor for the last time due to him changing insurance.

Dr. Herman’s treatment was a little different. At times with my former chiropractor I felt like I was being torqued a little hard at times considering I was already so tight. Dr. Herman’s adjustments were more tolerable and would eventually prove to be much more effective.

On my first visit to Dr. Herman’s office, I was in serious discomfort. Breathing heavy, working out, and just being active was accompanied by pain. Within a couple of visits during the first week, my pain subsided considerably – enough for me to start biking heavily. Within a couple weeks all symptoms were gone, the pain was gone, and I had almost normal flexibility.Thanks Dr. Herman.

– CPT Rick B.US Army

You made a HUGE difference

Dr. Mark, This letter is long overdue, probably because I have moved out of the area, but it is warranted none-the-less. In addition, when one is faced with finding your replacement, the differences among chiropractors become quite apparent and I found that you are a hard act to follow!

Prior to beginning treatment with you, I did visit other chiropractors but the first time I met you, I felt a huge difference in your approach, which I can only describe as intelligent and caring for me as an individual and not just another patient.

The fact that you have stepped out of your professional comfort zone and expanded into alternative modalities such as BEST technique only confirm my opinion of you. While basically a healthy person looking to use BEST as a preventative measure, it unlocked something in me that enabled me to make better decisions for myself and today I am light years away from where I was when I first met you. Thank you for your gentle guidance and support and best of luck in the new office.

– Jennifer D.

Back Pain

40 years ago I had a freak accident and ended up in traction for a week with a left side acute lumbar sacral sprain. My doctor explained that my new uninvited painful “friend”; would be paying me visits throughout the rest of my life.

Over the years I’ve had adjustments by several different chiropractors and would always achieve some temporary relief. On my first visit with Dr. Mark he put together a plan of attack that included several new features I’d heretofore not experienced. Not only did I leave his office wonderfully relieved but after a few subsequent follow up visits found that the pain relief lasted much longer than ever before.

Now when I feel a little discomfort, before it gets any worse, and it always does, I go back to Dr. Mark for a tune up and once again I’m back in the pink.

– Dana P.

My Back Needed Urgent Help

I have been visiting Dr. Herman for some years now; it all started when I pulled my back and needed some urgent help.

I spent a couple of days just trying to rest and popping painkillers, but that proved to be a waste of time. I was lucky that Dr. Herman quickly recognized that this was an urgent matter and immediately accommodated me in his schedule.

After our first session, I already felt much better, but he did have to work at it a bit more to get me back in shape! After the treatment was completed, my most important takeaway was that I did not have any lingering pain or lasting side effects (no weakened muscles or recurring injuries). To make a long story short, since then, I have been going back for preventive and corrective treatments, and always found a friendly face, a pragmatic approach to treatment, and lots of flexibility for my work/travel schedules.

I definitely recommend Dr. Herman since, besides being good at what he does, he reminds me of the good old days… when doctors actually cared about each individual patient!

– Alejandro P.


I was having a terrible problem with headaches. I was seeing a neurologist and could not find anything wrong. He sent me first for a CT scan. Results negative. Next came an MRI. Results negative. Next came a Spinal Tap. Results negative. I was unable to go to work for over two weeks due to the on heavy pain meds I was on.

Finally my husband suggested that I go see Dr. Herman. I figured we tried everything else, what have I got to lose. I went for my first visit on a Friday. He did some adjustments, told me not to take my medication and see what happens. On Saturday morning I awoke headache free.

I was able to return to work on Monday morning medication free and headache free. It has now been eleven months and I am still headache free. I still see Dr. Herman for periodic adjustments as necessary. Without his help I would still be having my headaches. Thanks Dr. Herman.

– Heidi K.

Abundant Energy

I am relatively healthy, just drag for energy from time to time, and I don’t like to contaminate my body with drugs. I always enjoy the friendly welcome and love Dr. Mark’s warm, inquisitive approach. I can count on always leaving feeling lighter with abundant energy. Thank you Dr. Mark, you are the BEST Chiropractor I know, you have changed my life.

– Sonya P. H.

Hip Pain

Dear Dr. Herman – It goes without saying that you have become more than our Family Chiropractor! Since we first were given your name from our Family Practitioner you have never ceased to amaze us with your kindness, warm spirit and chiropractic expertise.

My name is Lucia, I am 80 Years old. Prior to coming to visit you I had experienced tremendous pain in my hip. The level of pain became so terrible that I was not able to enjoy one of the simplest yet most appealing of my activities…simply walking with my son in the afternoon. Our family doctor recommended the possibility of chiropractic therapy to help alleviate the terrible pain.

My first trip to your office will remain vividly in my mind, your pleasant and welcoming staff started us on what would come to be one of the most physically and mentally advantageous programs I would ever come to start. From the first treatment I was privileged to experience an immediate change in overall feeling to my painful situation. Through a good month or two of treatments the pain was completely eliminated.

I never knew that a chiropractic program could help me achieve the level of balance that I was so in need of attaining. Needless to say… I am a true believer in the healing power of chiropractic and the care of Dr Herman. I now visit Dr. Herman every two weeks to maintain the balance that allowed me to enjoy my wonderful walks with my son. I feel absolutely wonderful and know that I have a great deal of love and appreciation towards Dr. Herman and his staff for guiding me back to a balanced state of mind and body. We are forever appreciative of your care Dr. Herman, you are more than our Doctor… you are a wonderful part of our family.

– Lucia Q.