Spinal Balance – The key to good health

Everyday we perform our usual habits that either are health enhancing or disease producing. Many of these habits we have created and are aware of and others we have no idea about the effects it can have on our health. Did you know that just something as simple as putting a wallet in your back pocket or carrying a heavy purse on same shoulder can lead to spinal imbalance and eventually pain.

It is very important your spine maintain balance, meaning that your alignment should be optimal and your muscular balance between left and right musculature be equal. Your spine consists of 24 moveable vertebrae whose main purpose is to allow for fluid movement and more importantly protect your spinal cord. Minor habits, such as the wallet in the back pocket or the heavy purse on the shoulder can create imbalances in your spine and/or pelvis. This can result in pressure on spinal nerves which can lead to back and neck pain and many other health conditions.

If after reading this you realize that you are one of the many that have been keeping your wallet in the same back pocket for many years and as a result are experiencing back pain or sciatic pain, or if you carry that heavy purse on your shoulder and are experiencing neck and shoulder pain then your first step is to change this habit and put the wallet in your front pocket and lighten up the purse. Secondly, visit a chiropractor to see what can be done to correct what has been done as a result of these bad habits.

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