B.E.S.T. The Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

You may be surprised to learn that chiropractors offer other drug-free pain treatments besides spinal manipulation. One of the newest treatment options is the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, or B.E.S.T. This technique doesn’t target the body, but instead, the mind that controls it. Targeting the mind through this therapy is believed to help eliminate errant subconscious commands that are resulting in a variety of conditions, such as hormonal imbalances, chronic headaches, high blood pressure, and long-term fatigue.

We use a fascinating, “cutting-edge” healing system called Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). It’s a physical, yet non-forceful, energy-balancing procedure that helps restore the full healing potential of your body. Simply put, an imbalance in your electromagnetic field causes unequal leg length. We correct that by applying the appropriate electromagnetic energy to proper points on the body.

The Theory Behind B.E.S.T.

This new therapy shares some modalities with Eastern medicine techniques. It is performed by applying pressure to specific points on the head and body as patients recall stressful memories. The goal is to manipulate the body’s energy in a way that will bring about a healthy “rewiring” of the brain. Then, as mental issues are resolved, the brain stops sending unhealthy signals to the body. The end result is reduced pain and improved functionality.

The theory behind the practice is that the mind and body use energy according to a person’s thoughts. It is believed that the supply of energy is limited, and that old stresses use up “bandwidth” in this system. When this excess energy usage is turned off, the system regains full bandwidth and can divert the new-found energy to positive goals such as healing or the energizing of the psyche.

The Basic Procedure

Most of us use our past experiences to adapt, protect and advance our lives. Inappropriate responses in the past can get “locked” into our bodies, producing ill-health.

This Face-down Procedure identifies the relevant “pressure points” that need to be addressed to allow you to update your response based on your needs today, rather than a past experience. You’ll lay face down and we’ll lightly hold the appropriate pressure points along the spine. It feels great!

The Advanced Procedure

The Face-up Procedure is designed to remove higher brain interference from expression in the physical body. Stored emotional patterns are identified, followed by specific instructions about what to think about, eye position and a breathing pattern that helps your body “re-time” itself and discard patterns from the past. Sometimes we’ll test the strength of your arm, length of your legs or lightly tap points on your head and neck.

Perhaps this procedure sounds a bit strange! But rest assured it produces incredible results and delighted patients around the world.

What do Patients Think of B.E.S.T.?

Patients report these sessions are very relaxing with some even reporting that it feels as though they had just received a two-hour massage. According to a presentation by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the president of the Parker College of Chiropractic, patients also reported an 85 percent improvement in their symptoms. This demonstrates that B.E.S.T. has a significant and positive impact on the well-being of patients, without the use of drugs.

Does This Technique Require Ongoing Doctor Visits?

At first, the guidance of a trained practitioner is required to get results. Several sessions can be expected. These are offered by our Plantation chiropractor, Dr. Mark F. Herman. He offers two variations on the B.E.S.T. system: Face-Up and Face-Down. The Face-Down Procedure is used to address your needs today, rather than focusing on things that happened in the past; while the Face-Up Procedure involves removing interference based on past events. The latter is considered the more advanced of the two.

After the initial series of visits, many people will be able to apply at least some B.E.S.T. principles on their own. This makes it easy to achieve ongoing results or address new issues as they arise. To learn more about B.E.S.T. and how it can help you, contact us! The office of Dr. Mark F. Herman, Plantation chiropractic physician, will be glad to explain everything and set up an appointment for you here in Plantation, Florida.