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FUJIMI Massage Chair

Our Wellness PartnersModel: EP-8800

MSRP: $7,999

Ask Dr. Herman for a free demonstration and about significantly discounted price.

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  • Massage mechanism is four-wheel driven, muted design can move up and down.
  • Designed with five kinds simulation massage models: kneading, tapping, sync with kneading and tapping, shiatsu, knocking.
  • Automatic testing and locating on shoulder position.
  • With the function of storing 2 massage states as memo.
  • With four characteristic automatic massage function. (Auto, full body air pressure, swing hip, waist stretch).
  • Upper body characteristic automatic massage function: whole back, neck and shoulder, back waist for choice.
  • With rollers on foot, and the speed with 3 levels adjustable.
  • Calf rest extended stepless, fit for different body height.
  • With overturn function on upper arms fit for different body height.
  • With the function of calf rest rise up and down, backrest rise up and down, linkage lifting with calf rest and backrest, lie down automatically.
  • Recover of the massage mechanism when turning off the chair.