Obama Care and Chiropractic

Many patients have asked me what I think about Obama Care and how it has affected my practice. I am not going to state my political views, but I do want to address the things that I have noticed personally. For one, most people have much higher deductibles than they used to. Secondly, Co-pays have gotten higher and thirdly, health insurance premiums have gotten higher. So what does this all mean? Higher costs all around for most patients. I believe those who are least affected and have it best are those patients with Medicare.

So what is the solution? People still need Chiropractic Care. Our fees have not gone higher and we have many programs that make Chiropractic Care affordable for everyone. Many times our fee for an adjustment is either equal to, or even less than the co-payment of your insurance plan. Don’t let your health insurance dictate your health care decisions. Contact our office not only to inquire about how beneficial Chiropractic Care can be for you, but also how affordable it can be. We never charge for a consultation so you have nothing to lose and only better health to gain!

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