Feeling vs. Function

Many new patients when they first arrive are in pain. They obviously are not feeling well and are interested mainly in one thing……….feeling better. Other concerns are what is wrong with them, can Chiropractic help, how long will it take to get better and what is it going to cost.

Most Chiropractors want to help get their patients out of pain as quickly as possible. What has to be understood is that pain is a symptom that there is a problem. It is often the last thing that shows up and the first thing to go away. This can occur long before the problem that caused the pain is corrected. In many instances a patient in acute pain will start feeling improvement with regards to how they feel in a few days to a few weeks.

In this microwave society in which we live, people expect everything to happen fast and many people lack patience. Just take notice the next time someone is speeding by you on the road only to arrive at the same red light as you, only quicker. One constant that I have noted in my 29 year career is that “healing takes time”. This has not changed and probably never will.

What is most important is not just feeling better, but that your body is functioning as close to 100% as possible. 100% function is equivalent to optimal health. That is my goal for each and every one of my patients to achieve. Chiropractic care address the function of the nervous system which in turn controls each and every function in your entire body. In addition to regular chiropractic care, patients must participate by making sure they are doing everything possible to get and stay well. That includes eating properly, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough sleep and rest, drinking plenty of fluids and maintaining a positive attitude.

Feeling better and maintaining a feeling of well being is a result of optimal function of the human body. You only get one body and you can’t trade it in for a new one. You have to take care of the one you have for an entire lifetime. The older we get, the harder the task gets. I find myself constantly reminding the patients in my practice of this fact. I don’t think they ever get tired of hearing it and need this reminder now and then.

If all of this makes as much sense to you as it does me and you are not currently feeling optimal healthy, then I would love the opportunity to help you achieve this goal. Take the first step by calling my office at 954-963-7601. We can set up an appointment for a free consultation and discuss how we can get you on the road to better health as soon as possible.

Yours in Health!

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